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The ILCMobile-LS-Link Wifi App is designed to control relays, dimmers, and shades using an Android/iOS phone or tablet. This app has the ability to emulate up to 64 LightSync input devices which equates to 512 inputs and 512 status pilots. With up to 32 screens, you can build your screens with easy to use drag-and-drop control buttons, dimmer sliders, status indicators and static text. Each of the control objects can be custom configured for controlling relays, groups, presets, dimmers, or shades in the ILC lighting controller network.

  • Control and status app
  • Android or iOS App
  • Control Relays, Groups, Presets, and Shades
  • Slide switches for controlling 0-10V, or line voltage dimmers
  • Emulates LightSync switch inputs
  • Easy Drag & Drop app configuration
  • Communicates via Wifi network
Lighting Applications and CAD

General Information:

  • Allows up to 512 programmable control inputs per interface
  • Up to 512 programmable status indicator points per interface
  • Configurable buttons for controlling Relays, Groups, Presets, or shades
  • Hold-and-drag slide dimmers for controlling 0-10V, or line voltage dimmers
  • True status indicators for Relay outputs, Groups, Presets, or Dimmers
  • Customizable text fields for buttons and sliders
  • Drag and drop control/status/text setup configuration
  • Up to 32 customizable screens
  • Landscape screen orientation
  • Wifi communications to the LightSync Wifi App Interface
  • Security via Wifi encryption
  • Android or iOS devices
  • Phone or tablet
  • Same programming features as LightSync devices


Required Hardware:

  • Android or iOS operating system
  • Phone or tablet
  • Wifi router
  • LightSync Wifi App Interface


  • Phone or tablet
  • Wifi enabled

---Download ¨ILCMobile LightSync Link¨ app from the Google Play Store or Apple Store---