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ILC Products

Intelligent Lighting Controls is a privately-owned lighting control systems manufacturer, incorporated in 1990. Our products include energy saving controls and building automation lighting controls. We specialize in the design and manufacture of LEED compliant, green lighting controls. Almost all ILC hardware and software products have been developed internally and locally in Minneapolis, MN.

Lighting Control Panels

Intelligent Lighting Controls LEED compliant products include the ILC LightLEEDer lighting control product line. LightMaster programmable lighting control panels are versatile and range from 4-48 relays. More>


Intelligent Lighting Controls manufactures its own Reliant Relays such as the Reliant40, a durable, easy-install, superior breaker-style relay. ILC also supports other contactor related products. More>

Controller Add-ons

LightLEEDer and LightSync controller device add-ons including Network Controller Modules, Occupancy Sensor Input Modules, Dimming Modules, and other energy-saving controls. More>

Photo Sensors

ILC provides a full line of data line addressable photo sensors as well as direct wire connect versions, including the LightSync Photo Sensor and the ILC Hardwired Photo Sensor. View More>

Occupancy Sensors

ILC occupancy sensors are single or dual technology (infrared and sonic detection) sensors with many mount styles, providing full coverage of detection. Also available: LEED compliant LightLEEDer. View More>

LightSync Data Line Devices

Pull a CAT-5 cable from any ILC LightMaster lighting controller and start adding LightSync data line addressable switches and other devices for labor savings and efficiency. More>

Switch Stations

Here are many of ILCĀ“s switches used in hardwired applications such as Touch-Activated, NFP and Wash-Down switch stations. For LightSync switches see LightSync Network Control Devices. More>

Software & Computers

Learn about PC based control options available from Intelligent Lighting Controls, including LightLEEDer Pro Software, Graphical Software and other ILC lighting control hardware and software. More>

Specialty Products

See Current Limiting Subpanels and DuraTouch self-contained programmable lighting controllers for specialty markets such as the correctional market (hospitals, single rooms) and the retrofit market. More>