Resource Library - Software Downloads

The following are free software downloads available for product programming. The LightMaster versions are for upload/download purpose only. To purchase ILCĀ“s most current versions of LightMaster software, contact your local representative or Intelligent Lighting Controls, Inc directly.

LightLEEDer Lighting Control Panels
LightLEEDer Pro Network Software
LightLEEDer Pro Single Panel Software
LightLEEDer Software Revisions Document
LightLEEDer-2/4 Room Control Stand-Alone Programming Software

Apprentice Series Lighting Control Panels
Apprentice 3 Configuration Software
Apprentice II Pro Configuration Software

LightLEEDer Common Add-on Devices
LightLEEDer BACnet/LonWorks Mapped Gateway Software
LightLEEDer LightSync DMX Driver Mapping Software

LightSync CAT5 Switches and Devices
LightLEEDer LightSync DMX Driver Mapping Software
LightSync Conditional Input Configuration Software
LightSync Touch Screen Pro Software

LightMaster Lighting Control Panels(Obsolete)
LightMaster SA Upload/Download Software
LightMaster SNET Upload/Download Software

LightMaster Specific Add-on Devices(Obsolete)
LightMaster Mapped Gateway Software