Resource Library - User Manuals

The following is a current listing of all down-loadable User Guides, Quick Installation Guides, and Quick Reference Guides in a PDF format. If the guides have not answered your questions contact ILC's Technical Support Department. The ILC Team is available from 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Standard Time, Monday - Friday. Our offices are closed each day between 11:30am and 12:30pm. Outside these hours and whenever a party is engaged, voice mail is available to take a message.

LightLEEDer Lighting Control Panels
LightLEEDer Operation Manual
LightLEEDer Pro Network Software Manual
LightLEEDer Quick Installation Guide
LightLEEDer Quick Reference Guide

Apprentice Series Lighting Control Panels
APII Quick Install
APII Quick Reference Guide
Apprentice 3 User Manual
Apprentice II User Guide

LightLEEDer Common Add-on Devices
LightLEEDer BACnet/LonWorks Mapped Gateway Software Manual

LightSync CAT5 Switches and Devices
LightSync Conditional Input Software Manual
LightSync G2 Multi-Zone Dimmer Programming Guide
LightSync Multi Zone Dimmer Programming Guide
LightSync Touch Screen Configuration Software Manual

Software and Computers
LightLEEDer Insite User Manual
Mobile LightSync Link App Programming Guide

Hardwire Switch Stations
LightLEEDer Touch Edit Software Manual

LightMaster Lighting Control Panels(Obsolete)
LightMaster ENET User Guide
LightMaster Pro SNET User Guide
LightMaster Quick Installation Guide
LightMaster Quick Reference Guide
LightMaster SNET User Guide
LightMaster Stand-Alone User Guide
LightMaster-Pro Stand-Alone Software User Guide

Discontinued Products
Apprentice User Guide
Quanta Elite Basic Quick Reference Guide
Quanta Elite Basic User Guide
Quanta Elite Quick Reference Guide
Quanta Elite User Guide
Quanta Hardware Instruction Manual