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Customer Support

ILC has more than 20 years of field experience with thousands of installations in a variety of venues, including office buildings, schools, sports arenas and retail establishments. Our friendly, experienced techical support and customer support staff are ready to help you before and after purchase or installation. If you have any questions please contact one of the following departments, or if you would like to request a quotation click here

Product Technicial Support Email/Direct Number
Technicial Support 952.842.2588

Customer Service
Ann Wilmes - 952.842.2592

Customer Service - Purchasing
Dana_Lind - 952.842.2563

Quotations Manager
Dan Koll - 952.842.2585

Sam Gordon - 952.842.2566

Harold Forman

Carla Andersen - 952.842.2593

Chris Olson - 952.842.2598

Project Manager - Technicial Support
Scott Murray - 952.842.2561

Applications - Technicial Support
Paul Florin - 952.842.2572

Applications - Technicial Support
Scott Hill - 952.842.2597

Tom Biehl - 952.842.2562

Electronics Technician
Tom Jiovanazzo- 952.842.2599

Electronics Technician
Matthew Ciapha- 952.842.2599

Product Specialist
Jeff Montgomery - 952.842.2571

Sales Manager
Brian Ellis - 612.408.1550

Sales Manager
Eason Huntley - 904.238-6533

Operations Manager
Dan Homann - 952.842.2596

Mike Cady - 952.842.2575

Web Master
Tom Biehl - 952.842.2562